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My friends call me Muddy.
I'm a meerkat.
Are you a meerkat? photo: adobe stock
I'm Mudiwa.

There are many many MANY kinds of animals on our planet.

I'm Amy.

On this website you can find out about different kinds of animals.

There are stories about different animals, like Chikombo and Tanya.

photo: shutterstock photo: David Brodie all photos: adobe stock unless otherwise stated
Photo: David Brodie
tapeworm (flatworm) – cestoda – invertebrate
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There are many many MANY kinds of animals on our planet.


Some swim, some fly.

Some can only wriggle.


Some have bones, some have shells.

Others are soft and squishy.


Some have babies, most lay eggs.

They get ready for the future.


Some have hair, some have feathers.

Some are just ... yeuch! ... slimy.


Some eat meat, some eat veg,

Some eat cheesy pizza.

Some animals are meerkats. But not all of them! We're all passengers, travelling together through cold space. Here's just one passenger ...
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It's their home. It's my home. It's your home.
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